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Michael Joseph Johnson

Michael was put into care when he was just 11 years old and sadly ended up in the prison system. Surrounded by opportunities to take drugs from an early age, he became addicted to heroin. Since being released from prison, Michael has slept on the streets in the doorways of Liverpool. This environment has continued to fuel his lifelong addiction. Since coming to Cotton Street, Michael has cut down from 16 hits a day to just half a bag a day. At 50 years old, he feels this is his last chance.

October 2018

I was failed by the system. I’ve spent almost 25 years of my life in prison because of drugs. Since coming to Cotton Street, I’ve cut down and am on methadone, hoping to get on to suboxone.


With the help of the NHS, Merseycare, council officials, agencies and the people of Liverpool, we’re stronger together, and can really make a difference.

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