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Cotton Street homeless shelter is the first of its kind. This unique project aims to offer Liverpool’s homeless community a deliverable pathway back into society. Sadly, 85% of our guests are suffering from addiction, but Cotton Street offers a real chance for long-term recovery.

Mark Anthony Clutton

March 2019

If you’d like to find out more about Mark’s Story, read Brigid Benson’s fascinating interview with him for Mental Health Awareness Week. He tackles hard subjects surrounding mental health, his troubled upbringing and three wishes he has for the future.

After living at Cotton Street for 5 months, Mark has made huge improvements. He has been clean for three weeks, coming off the drugs on his own accord. He puts it down to the amazing support he has received from Cotton Street staff and his friend Brian, Mr Old Hall Street. He feels positive and that life is now finally getting better for him. Mark hopes to stay off the drugs and work towards getting back in touch with his sisters, getting a job and having a flat he can call home. Since January 2019, the Cotton Street project has had a total of seven successes, just like Mark.

I feel like a new man already, I’m almost back to the Mark I was 20 years ago before I started taking drugs. Life is finally getting good now.


March 2019

John has suffered from drug addiction for over 35 years, and at the age of 60, he found himself homeless. He describes how this harrowing experience broke him as a person and nearly took his life. John has now been at Cotton Street for two weeks and in that time has gained 12 pounds and hasn’t used once. He is ready to change his life and is determined to get clean with the amazing help of Simon,the Cotton Street manager.

I was at death’s door… but the people at Cotton Street actually believe in me. They’ll go the extra mile for you here and I’ve never had that.

Michael Joseph Johnson

October 2018

I was failed by the system. I’ve spent almost 25 years of my life in prison because of drugs. Since coming to Cotton Street, I’ve cut down and am on methadone, hoping to get on to suboxone.

Robert William Crawley

October 2018

Cotton Street is giving me another shot, I want to get clean, get back into work and back in with my real family. This is my street family, but I want my real family too.

Anthony Johnson

October 2018

Before Cotton Street, I slept in a doorway every night since leaving prison.

We hope to deliver this process across all major cities in the UK. Each of our homeless friends has a story to tell, and we’re there to listen. The Cotton Street Project will document monthly updates, so you can keep up with each inspiring journey…

What we offer and hope to achieve:

  • Each guest will have their own accommodation and address
  • Professional services to help recover from addiction
  • Support for making the transition from drugs to Subutex
  • Nutritious and warm meals served three times a day
  • On-site upholstery and joinery workshop for new skills
  • Employment opportunities acting as a light at the end of the tunnel
  • The intention to open first official sharps room to keep needles off the streets of the city


With the help of the NHS, Merseycare, council officials, agencies and the people of Liverpool, we’re stronger together, and can really make a difference.

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Our long-term goal is to eradicate homelessness in Liverpool – but this can only be achieved by working together!

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