The Cotton Street Project: Rebuilding Lives in Liverpool

The Cotton Street Project: Rebuilding Lives in Liverpool

A unique homeless shelter with a long-term initiative

A unique homeless shelter with a long-term initiative

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Each guest has their own accommodation and address
Tailored plans designed for individuals rather than one size fits all

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Each of our homeless friends has a story to tell, and we’re there to listen.

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24th Sep 2019, by Laura Bowery

The Cotton Street Project: Now a Registered Homeless Charity in Liverpool

As we approach the one-year anniversary of The Cotton Street Project, we look back at where we started and where we are today as a newly registered homeless charity in Liverpool. After almost one year we’ve already made such a difference in the lives of Liverpool’s most vulnerable people and, as we approach the 12-month...

a city
in crisis

Over the last couple of years, Liverpool has seen a sharp incline in the amount of homeless people who are sleeping in the doorways of our city. After Kingsway House homeless shelter was forced to close in February 2018, Signature Living launched The Cotton Street Project – a homeless shelter designed with a difference. In 2019, Cotton Street Project became an independent registered charity, continuing the fantastic work and rebuilding lives.

Through the homeless shelter, I want local people to come together and work as a community by volunteering at the shelter to ensure nobody in Liverpool spends a night on the streets.

Lawrence Kenwright


Cotton Street is the first of its kind. A place of comfort, care and productivity, the shelter incorporates unique accommodation, social activities, café facilities, skills workshops and professional support.

Offering the chance to make life-changing connections, Cotton Street is designed to bring people together. Our social recovery program is a deliverable pathway, getting guests back on their feet to return to society.

  • Up to 18 warm sleeping cabins
  • Hot and cold food options
  • Training and skills workshops
  • 4 Crash beds
  • Sociable recreational area
  • Nurturing and friendship
  • Wash facilities and toilets
  • CCTV security monitoring
  • Professional health/job support
  • Drop-in overnight crash centre

This is who we are. This is what we do.

Watch the Lawrence Kenwright Ted Talk on Entrepreneurial socialism and how business can help the homeless. #GivingBack

where we

Brian was down on his luck and sleeping rough in Liverpool. Lawrence was a successful hotelier and property developer. David was a self-proclaimed hippy in a dead-end job. Together they formed an unlikely alliance and created a homeless shelter like no other. This is the story of Kingsway House, which is where the story of the Cotton Street Project all began.


With the help of the NHS, Merseycare, council officials, agencies and the people of Liverpool, we’re stronger together, and can really make a difference.

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Our long-term goal is to eradicate homelessness in Liverpool – but this can only be achieved by working together!

We’d love to have you on board to help us make a difference. Please tick the boxes that apply to you and complete the notes section with relevant skills, experience or expertise.

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